Choose HMG for all your Transport, Storage and Private Hire Solutions and SAVE up to 50% on your Job.
It is Free to list an Advert. It is Free to find Jobs. In fact, it is 100% Free for everyone! With NO hidden charges or subscriptions.

We have a choice of Shipping and STORAGE solutions


Shipping Solution?

Whether you are transporting your favourite Pet, to shipping your car overseas, from moving your entire home contents to relocating your small or large business. You decide on the price you want to pay.

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Storage Solution

Storage or Warehousing Solution?

From storing your personal items such as your home contents to full commercial and industrial warehousing. Get the cheapest quote here from our Storage Facility Providers in your area.

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Shipping and Storage

Our Vision

To create a Global Market Place that
becomes the Number 1 Choice for
Shipping and Storage solutions, whilst
positively supporting our environment.

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Private Hire

What We Do

HMG is a Marketplace that creates a Neutral Venue allowing our Customers to choose between Transport Service Providers, Storage Facility Providers and Private Hire Providers based on their price and customer feedback to conduct their jobs.

Our main focus is to keep empty or part loaded trucks full; to and from their destinations, and keep storage facilities occupied. This will help reduce our Carbon Footprint so together we are all helping the environment.

We save you Time & Money

There is no more need for endless web searches or phone calls to find your best price for your Shipping & Storage needs. Transport Service & Storage Facility Providers compete for your job, ensuring you always get the best price.

We all help the Environment

At HMG – We like to keep empty or part empty trucks fully loaded and storage space occupied. This means fewer trucks on the road, cutting CO2 emissions and together we all help our fragile environment.                                         

We can Expand your Business

We can help you pick up Shipping and Storage jobs to and from or in between your destinations. Keeping your transport loaded to the maximum and your storage space occupied.

Our Green Globe Review and Feedback System

We operate a Green Globe Review and Feedback system which allows you to choose the best Provider, not only based on the Price, but on their services provided to other customers too.

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